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About us

A cumulative experience of more than a decade in the realm of code and no-code development such as Shopify website construction and management. Our proficiency is your assurance of a digital landscape meticulously built and adeptly managed, tailored to thrive in the interconnected world of technology.

Some of our projects


A US Bulk trading Automotives company
EarlBear has masterfully crafted Black Stallion's digital presence, showcasing our Shopify expertise. The platform captivates users while precisely highlighting their services. Our tailored, industry-specific design sets a benchmark in automotive online excellence.
Streamlined inventory management and offering granular analytics—from sales rep performances to brand-specific insights.
Forward-thinking solutions for industry leaders.

FNB distribution company based in Jordan

A US Modest Fashion brand
ASHI's digital realm showcases our Shopify mastery. Merging creativity with a future-forward approach, ASHI's site exemplifies EarlBear's exceptional e-commerce designs.

No-Code Devs

We specialize in No-code web development as Shopify Experts.

Point of Sale

Integrating Shopify's POS into your website, warehouse, and pop-up shop.

Mobile app

Build and link iOS and Android app mobile apps to your Shopify site.

E-commerce services

Subscribe to a dedicated e-commerce department of seasoned experts.

Consultation services

More than a decade of experience in E-commerce, Sourcing, and Operations.

Branding Services

Designing logos, color pallets, and building brand guidelines that reflects your vision.

Pick a plan

One time scope

Receive an optimized, tailored Shopify solution for your business. We guarantee a smooth handover to your team for effective management and operation.

Subscription Plan

Subscribe to our yearly plan and receive 20% off no-code development. Get direct access to e-commerce experts for content, design, and web management.

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Not sure what works for you best? let's have a talk and we'll help you figure what's best for your business.

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On a subscription plan, they deliver Content & Design services beyond expectations; an outsourcing decision that's proved invaluable!

Omar Jawarneh
Amman, Jordan

EarlBear team were quick to understand our concept, what we mean and implemented it in a heartbeat in an almost unbelievably impressive piece of work.   

Mohammad Hajjat
Los Angeles, CA

EarlBear's patient guidance helped us find our starting point. They exceeded expectations, integrating a POS system seamlessly and offering a competitive subscription plan for a hassle-free experience.

Thabet Al-Taher
Dubai, UAE

Despite changing website functions, EarlBear's patient team suggested effective approaches. They quickly implemented our Automotive-focused vision, despite our limited industry knowledge.

Abdallah Ashi
Dallas, TX

EarlBear Clients


That highly depends on the project size, requested features and clear communications. The fastest we've delivered is a month, however on average projects usually take 2-3 months. Contact us to discuss how we can mend a platform that works for your business.

In order for us to give a confident recommendation it's best that you book a call by filling the contact form.
However, if you have an
experienced team to operate the website effectively and only need help with getting a well designed platform, then you're better off with the One Time Scope Plan.
If you do not have a dedicated team, or your current team isn't properly trained to handle your website then you might be better off with our Subscription Plan, where you get a dedicated team to help you run the website effectively, think of it as hiring a trained team, an ecommerce department. 

We believe in delivering efficient and scalable solutions to our clients. No-Code Development allows for faster project turnaround, flexibility, feasibility for clients, and ease of modifications.

While we have a strong expertise in e-commerce, we cater to a diverse range of industries and business needs. Check out our projects to get a better idea of what we've worked on.

At EarlBear, we don’t just provide a POS system; we ensure it meshes seamlessly with the platforms we develop for our clients. This integration allows for real-time inventory updates, sales analytics, and more, bridging the gap between your physical store and your digital presence for a cohesive retail experience. Giving you full control of your operations and priceless analytics for better forecasting.

We focus on user-centric design, ensuring apps are intuitive, responsive, and meet the specific needs of your audience. We do both iOS and Android apps, fill a contact form for more information.

While we're fully equipped to offer coding services, we prioritize more agile and flexible solutions like No-Code Development to provide faster, cost-effective results for our clients. Contact us to talk about mending a solution that enhances your operation.

Reach out to us via our Contact Page, and a member of our expert team will connect with you to discuss your project's specific requirements.

Yes, we believe in forging long-term partnerships and offer various post-launch support packages tailored to your needs. Contact Us to book learn more!

We initiate projects with an upfront deposit, followed by a final payment upon completion. We're also flexible and can discuss customized payment arrangements if required. Subscription Plans can be processed automatically on monthly basis, you can also pay it in one go in advance and get 1 month Free.